Viewing Instructions

Crossview Stereoscopic Viewing

Enjoying Abe Fagenson’s 3-D Paintings The Easy Way!

When you hear the word “3-D,” does that conjure an image of moviegoers wearing odd-looking glasses to watch a Godzilla movie?

Or does it bring back memories of owning a Viewmaster stereoscopic viewer on which you clicked the lever and were treated to 3-D slides of the Grand Canyon?

Enjoying the beauty of Abe Fagenson’s unique three-dimensional paintings does not require the aid of special glasses or viewers!

You can take it all in with the naked eye, using what is called the “cross-view” method. Here’s how to do it.

Remember when you were a kid, and you wanted to show off to your friends or family how you could make a funny face and cross your eyes? Maybe the first few times you did it, you discovered the way to do it was to hold your index finger in front of your face and focus on it. As you brought your finger closer, your eyes started to cross and, in time, you found yourself easily crossing your eyes without having to use your finger to guide you.

“Cross-viewing” works on the same principle. Your objective is to aim your left eye at the right-hand image and your right eye at the left-hand image. You should find a point mid-way between you and the painting to begin guiding each eye across the other’s line of sight, and you can always use your finger, like you did as a kid, to help you.

Initially, you will see two sets of double images. Keep that same double-image focus – within 10-15 seconds, the two middle images will overlap and merge into a single image in the center that will appear in 3-D. The center image may initially be blurry, but take your time and relax, and you will be able to bring it into sharp focus.

After a while, you’ll find it quite easy to view 3-D images using this method, though you will want to rest your eyes between viewings at first.

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